Character Creation

Knowledge is to be feared.

Ref: Inq/075658234/TU
Author: Inquistor Tybum Graves
Subject: Required Training
Classification: Gamma-3

In Dark Hersey, you take on the role of an Acolyte, a trainee investigator in the service of a powerful Inquisitor. You, out of the countless billions, have been chosen to play a part in a war so great and terrible that ordinary men must never learn its secrets. Your master will task you with all manner of missions, in which you will encounter witches, aliens, and even Daemons. You will be tempted with power and exposed to corruption. You, your allies, or even your master may fall under the thrall of the Dark Gods. Should this happen, it will be your duty to purge with fire and righteousness, for the Ruinous Ones, The Chaos Powers, are insidious in their evil and would destroy you and all of mankind if they could…

Step 1 Chose your Career Path and Homeworld
Step 2 Generate Characteristics
Step 3 Spend Experience Points, Buy Equipment
Step 4 Bring your Character to Life

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Character Creation

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